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Message Subject Hard Core Anti Vaxxer - Will Take The Corona Vaccine!
Poster Handle random among the crowd
Post Content
So my friend who taugh me all about vaccine dangers says this vaccine is a must, this guy homeschools and is very anti vax, now has backpedalled and is telling everyone to take the covid vax... Do not know what to believe anymore.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 79201889

The new "vaccine"(it isn't really) is about modifying your RNA and DNA. Forever. Is that what you want to do for yourself and your children? Your friend is a moron.
 Quoting: Pilgrim001

exactly. And what it does is it makes your cells CONSTANTLY produce antigens which the immune system destroys.
Next time you get coronavirusses (common cold, flu included) you would die from a cytokine storm.
a Cytokine storm can be destribed as the immune system thinking: ok we have a problem, either we have to kill it or it kills us. "tosses handgranades in all directions".
And this cytokine storm is soo severe it killed ALL animals in previous studies of a coronavirus vaccine.

They can do ANY test on animals, including exposing the animal to the actual virus AFTER it has been vaccinated.
This is NOT allowed in human trials.
And thus the Cytokine storm does NOT happen in human trials, because they skip the last step.
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