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Message Subject U blame CHINA tards better wake the FUK UP , THIS Is WAY BIGGER!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
You tards who believe that China is not a problem need to wake up.

China launched a biological attack on the world. China is aggressively expanding in all directions. China is truly deserving of destruction.

You can argue that others are deserving of destruction as well, but the moment you claim that China is NOT to blame for the things that China has done is the moment you became an agent of evil.
 Quoting: WalrusRider

worth repreating
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77692034

Nope was not China , it’s the same people that have done all the false flags
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 79138259

The question of who released the virus or where the virus originated is debatable, but the fact that China lied about the virus, downplayed it, murdered whistleblowers who were talking about it, and allowed international flights under false pretenses in full knowledge that the virus spread between humans is established knowledge.

The fact that China protected themselves by shutting down travel from the infected zone within their own country while they allowed international flights is also something that cannot be denied.

In the early stages when China was downplaying the virus and squelching information about it, they bought up supplies. They also accepted donations from countries like Italy. Later, when Italy was hit hard by COVID-19, China SOLD the supplies that Italy had donated to them back to Italy for money!

The fact that China has territorial disputes with over 20 countries is also factual. So I must ask, what was "not China"?

 Quoting: WalrusRider

They all lied....period. The are still lying.....period.
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