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A 24 year-old on the state of America (A bit of a read but written by me)

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08/03/2020 03:31 PM

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A 24 year-old on the state of America (A bit of a read but written by me)
Some background:
Hello! This is an email I wrote today to my mom. My boyfriend said if I spend this much time writing about this stuff I should start a blog since I discuss things like this with her at least once a week. At the very least, I'd like to share this here since my time on GLP has drastically shifted me from being your typical ignorant liberal into someone who cares about the facts. Back in 2016 I attended a school that hosted one of the Presidential debates. I was suddenly surrounded by politics I knew nothing about but didn't care enough to educate myself on. I hated Trump, voted for Hillary despite hearing about Benghazi because I didn't want to look up what happened, and spewed the regular liberal garbage that was on the media all the while knowing that the whole system was corrupt to begin with. Without going into detail, 2018-2020 has been a long series of red pills and enlightening experiences that I can somewhat thank GLP for.
Thus begins the email:

I took the political compass test yesterday (August 2, 2020) which was updated on July 28, 2020
and fell in the bottom (libertarian) left (democrat) quadrant but
mostly towards the center.

If you're interested in my updated political stances I've written a lot below. I wish I could speak this way on the phone but you have your own life experiences you discuss and in the moment I don't have many experiences or knowledge of much political history memorized to feel confident enough to debate the underlying reasons behind why I may agree or disagree with your points. Also, remember, I'm very young and only this year started paying close attention to politics so some of my stances are based on theory and not personal experience. I've always felt a little more conservative because of the way I saw dad run his business but honestly the Libertarian values (which I found on my own) have always resonated with me from as young as middle school. The idea of individual, personal freedom that doesn't require anyone to owe anything to anyone else has always been something I wanted to support.


At the end of the day, I believe in everyone's God given right to live in peace on this Earth. I believe that government should only be involved in protecting the NATION from international danger. I don't think they should play such a large role (if any at all) in our economy, religious institutions, healthcare systems, educational systems, and welfare because all they have done in those areas is force an increase in prices that has put my generation into debt and create reliance on a system that they don't know how to escape. I know a 32 year old man who is perfectly fit and capable of working who hasn't paid a dime of his 14 year old government granted college tuition loan because his "escape" is to not believe in capitalism, live off the map, and wait for the system to collapse, (he was probably camping at CHAZ in Seattle). The middle class is then stuck paying these bills and I have very little experience with paying my own taxes but in the short time that I've done them, I already can no longer stand to put so much energy (my god given TIME on earth) into something that is so abused and misused, which is why I'm WORKING to remove myself from that system.

I believe that minimum wages only make people complacent and, again, dependent on a system and then small businesses can't afford to pay employees because of all of the BS required to start up a business. I hear about that problem every single day in the cannabis industry. Did you know California taxes 70% of recreational cannabis sales? A farmer spends ALL YEAR putting together all the stuff it takes to work in such a highly regulated industry, only to have 70% of his revenue taken by the government. That's why regenerative farming is such a movement: it's the cheapest, but most of the regenerative farmers I know don't have employees because they STILL can't afford it or get proper financing. I haven't started my own business so I can't speak about all of the laws. What I do know is that there is absolutely no way in hell I'm starting a recreational or probably even medical cannabis business unless the laws drastically change. [I'm currently a personal grower].

I believe that the problem with wealth is not how it is distributed but how people choose to use it and that comes down to the person's character and faith. Even when I had very little money for myself, I had FAITH in the importance of continuing to support the economy and those around me. There needs to be an energy exchange and flow in order to receive what you need. I found that if I hoard money and fear being in debt or fear not having a job then I just feel stuck and stagnant and I think that our society feels a similar way right now because of the way the top 1% hoards their money. I would choose to argue that they hoard their money because they don't want the government to have it, not because they don't want everyone else to have it, but they want a say in their investments. I know that the 1% can pay off the government to get what they want but at the core of that is corrupt politicians who need to be held accountable for their

I watched the entirety of AG Barrs testimony live last week and was continuously frustrated by the way he was interrupted, not allowed to speak, and had words put into his mouth by the Democrats. You may have whatever opinion you do of him but, I, as an UNinformed, young American who doesn't know his past, who simply wanted to hear his side of the story about Portland, a topic which VERY MUCH concerns me, I wanted to hear what he and the court had to say. I don't have to know the political history of any of the people in that court room to at least hear those who refused to give him more than 10 seconds to speak and those who offered up THEIR time to speak to allow Bill Barr to respond to those who wouldn't give him enough time for more than a one word answer. Over the next few days, I also watched the big tech hearing and didn't see nearly such aggression towards men who I would consider significantly more dangerous than Bill Barr or even Donald Trump himself. (Off topic but nonetheless, I was happy with the final conclusion of that hearing, our tech giants are way too giant.) If the Republicans treat a Democrat the same way in a hearing, I would love to see it to know that the right is just as nasty and it ALL has to go.

I believe that the American character has been destroyed and you can blame that on Trump for bringing his unprofessional behavior to the podium for the whole world to see but I also saw the media, Hillary Clinton, the DNC, and every single one of the 2019 Democratic party candidates enable his behavior, bicker, name call, and shout over each other like children. Maybe the republicans did that back in 2016, I wasn't paying attention, and if there's an election in 2024 and that's what the Republican debate is like then I will continue to lose even more faith in our system and leaders.

During AG Barrs hearing one republican asked him if the federal government had not stepped in and the building in Portland had been destroyed (which these rioters were in fact trying to do, I don't know how you haven't seen the aggressive footage of Portland including the Bible burnings), would these rioters have stopped at Portland? AG Barr's response was no, probably not. And I saw that happen this last week. Portland PD finally stepped in to protect the building and the rioters moved to Springfield, OR instead. What do YOU think these people would do if they had successfully burned down the federal building? I think other areas such as Seattle, St. Louis, and Minneapolis would see an increase in this type of activity. However, if it's unconstitutional [my mom believes] for the federal government to send in federal troops to protect federal property within a state, then the federal building itself must be unconstitutional to begin with. If we really care about state's rights then why are the federal government buildings in them in the first place? I believe if the state allowed those buildings to be there, they should be required to protect it and if they're not going to they either need to 1. work to get the building out of the state and declare independence from the federal government or 2. allow the federal government to protect property that is rightfully theirs. The state should NOT be allowed to let federal property be destroyed while at the same time demanding money and resources from said federal government, it is absolutely backwards that these people are fighting to destroy the institutions that give them all of their 'free' stuff. Oh right, my tax dollars are paying for their 'free' stuff.

I also have to wonder why the "protesters" were going after federal property when police brutality should be a state issue (if we really want to care about state's rights, right?). This isn't about George Floyd. The Freedom Road Socialist Organization announced on Trump's inauguration day that people needed to be in the streets making the country "ungovernable" for the next 4 years. I remember hearing that in 2017 too but more that we need to be "in the streets". If you look at the ideologies of the leaders and organizations loudly against Trump, it's largely socialist. Even Fox is owned by liberals. Many in my generation identify with socialism. You can say BS about China, or not believe what I just said about my generation, or believe that Trump is so fascist that the only response is socialism, but socialism is a real movement in America that has been in the works since Bill Clinton was in office (probably even earlier) and I believe that Biden is the Trojan horse to something much worse down the road after your generation has passed. I'm concerned about my freedom of speech and thought, my safety, my ability to openly think critically, and for the safety of my future generations. I want my children to have beautiful PRIVATE acres of farmland where they can explore how to interact with the REAL world and not the artificial one put before us on a screen where they tell us what to think and do. I want them and myself to have the freedom to have these kinds of conversations with other like minded people who may not agree on everything but can at least be respectful of one another and all I see today is hatred and anger towards people who are different, on both sides of the aisle but honestly, I see more respect from Republicans (Donald Trump is not a Republican or a Christian, he never was). I personally boil this hatred down to a spiritual void that our society doesn't know how to fill and I have only learned to fill through being in nature and learning to live with less. I am happier than I've ever been and the economy is the worst it's been since the Great Depression, I have to continue to fight for others to be free.

I'll leave you with this: Joe Biden has been in politics since you were a teenager. Do you think a man older than Dad is really going to change anything that would benefit my generation? I'm not saying that Trump WILL, but I don't think that "going back to the way things were" is the solution anymore. It may feel comforting to you but my generation is obviously not comforted by going back to what they consider was born from institutional racism and "crony" capitalism (concepts that your generation taught us). Biden is a fiddle that will play whatever tune the left wants and I don't think I'd be able to trust any policies he would put into place. Trump may leave this country in shambles but I have come to the conclusion that I'd rather we live in shambles and finally watch everyone take responsibility for their own lives than watch my generation and gen Z become brainwashed slaves to a system that will continue to do nothing but abuse their

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08/03/2020 05:05 PM

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Re: A 24 year-old on the state of America (A bit of a read but written by me)
Thank you for the 1 star! Most of my threads aren't even rated.