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Message Subject Mail delays are frustrating Philly residents, and a short-staffed Postal Service is struggling to keep up
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
it is a fucking shame

what republicans are doing to the USPS

never forget it in November

Two Philadelphia-area carriers who spoke on the condition of anonymity to protect their jobs said supervisors instruct them to leave mail behind and prioritize the delivery of Amazon packages. Both said that their stations are overflowing with parcels, and that they cannot fit the amount of mail they have to deliver in one day in their trucks or bags.

“It’s more packages than at Christmastime. It’s impossible to keep up,” said a North Philadelphia-area carrier who is working 90 hours per week, still unable to finish his routes.

A 20-year carrier in Delaware County said cutting overtime would be detrimental amid huge amounts of mail and directions to leave it behind. In his area, six routes do not have assigned carriers, so others work overtime to deliver those routes. If overtime is cut, there will be “no bodies to deliver that mail.”

“The things we were told never to do because that would get us fired are all the things management is encouraging us to do,” he said. “In 20 years of delivering, no one has ever told us not to deliver mail up until this point.”
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