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Hypocritical Dem’s force Black woman police Chief Best to resign!

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 78424353
United States
08/12/2020 10:29 AM
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Hypocritical Dem’s force Black woman police Chief Best to resign!
Seattle’s ultra liberal Council-members and a Mayor have forced Chief Best to finally throw in the towel and quit. How would you like to have your police budget cut, zero input from the council-members and Mayor and then the final insult slashing your pay by 40%?!

The tricky Dem’s are now not admitting what political persuasion they are, marxist demonrats, and are putting “non partisan” for voting ballot purposes to confuse the American people of who they are. This not listing your party affiliation is happening everywhere and very diabolical.

A marxist, ultra liberal, globalist cabal, are trying to effect a coup.

In the USA the Democratic party is totally taken over leaving chaos, rioting, enslavement, and total destruction everywhere in the path in which they rule.

Chief Best on video talking about her resignation had a large sign behind her hanging on a wall, the sign said “BLACK LIVES MATTER”, what a blaring hypocritical sign considering her fate at the hands of these marxist demonrat thugs who care ZERO about black lives or any Americans lives!