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Disavow BLM and Antifa a Trump vs Biden Strategy?

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United States
08/12/2020 01:42 PM
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Disavow BLM and Antifa a Trump vs Biden Strategy?
Just a campaign strategy I was thinking of. In years past the Democrats always pin the “KKK” and David Duke or whomever as supporting republicans and ask the nominee to disavow their comments and/or support.

This year the far left is front and center as the nation dividing, lawless criminals who continue to wreak havoc in communities across the country. So why not have Trump ask Biden to disavow the Antifa and Black Lives Matter movement support? If Joe refuses, we can take that as support. Then Trump could read off all the BLM charter demands including how they want to abolish all police, eliminate prisons, disrupt family structure, etc. Then once again press Biden to disavow these organizations.

This will really put them in a pickle. If he still won’t disavow them, “normal” everyday Americans will be pretty turned off knowing Biden supports those platforms. If he does actually disavow them, then both those organizations and and least some of the members may turn on the Biden Harris ticket and realize they aren’t the people to bring home their Wild demands.

Seems like a way to wrestle some if not lots of votes away. I don’t expect many to go to Trump, but they may stay home altogether.

Most everyone I know who considers voting for Biden does so out of Trump hatred rather than Joe support. So if they can make Joe less appealing, they may not like either choice and stay home.