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Crooked/Corrupt Judges And Why They Are Hard To Eliminate

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08/17/2020 09:32 AM
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Crooked/Corrupt Judges And Why They Are Hard To Eliminate
There's a little 1979 movie called AND JUSTICE FOR ALL that depicts a very broken judicial system; the storlyine centers upon two judges, one bat-shit crazy who harbors a deathwish and packs a gun in his courtroom and the other a sick pervert who commits an S&M rape, while on the bench he ruthlessly dispenses sentences based upon personal bias. On the surface it sounds wildly improbable... but once again, art imitates life!

When we hear about courtroom travesties, the blame is usually placed squarely on crooked Johnny Cochran-type lawyers or clueless or tampered juries. But RARELY do we hear about the rotten judges who preside over all like gods on Mount Olympus.

That's not because there aren't COMPLAINTS! There are plenty of those and most are likely justified. But long before those complaints have a gavel banged down to send the be-robed criminals to jail, the charges are killed by judicial review commissions comprised of fellow Judges who themselves may be corrupt and as such they amount to nothing more than peer-review groups. But, their word is literally law.

The other most common method of ripping those black robes off is through state legislatures/senates which themselves can be just as corrupt... particularly when partisan politics are concerned. In many states, the Supreme Court may be required to rule on an impeachment.

The last resort is for the public to vote a rotten Judge out of office. But how much damage can be done before those ballots are cast? And further, if a scummy congressional candidate can run a crooked election and assume office, why can't a Judge?

In short, once a judge climbs upon that lofty bench his authority is absolute over all other mere mortals and no matter how outrageous or unjust their actions or comments may be they are unequivocal. Anyone who's ever watched the hideous travesties of "Judge Judy" knows what I'm talking about; the trouble is it also happens every single day in REAL courtrooms instead of a TV studio outside Burbank.

Advocates will say that's why we have appellate courts. But what makes anyone believe that they are magically immune from the same corruption as their lower brethren?

And the federal Supreme Court certainly isn't without it's offenders: nobody can tell me that a cancer-ridden, medicated 87-yr old like Ruth Bader-Ginsberg is fully capable of rendering justice... and historically, let's not forget Justice Hugo Black who was a once KKK leader, Justice Abe Fortas who lined his robes with bribes or Justice Clarence Thomas bragging to Anita hill about his Coke-can sized penis!

There is an solid old-boy's school process at work within our judicial system that dates all the way back to the founding of our nation to 1795 and the first Supreme Court, when Justice Justice John Rutledge became the only SCOTUS Judge to ever be tossed from the bench. And what was his crime? He simply bad-mouthed President George Washington!

But, ever since then those other 113 SCOTUS Justices [and their much lower minions] have been largely immune from the same penalties they can mete out with the flick of a pen.

What about vetting, you may ask? Anyone who's watched that Congressional process in the past 20 years knows fully-well how viciously partisan and farcial it can be!

Want justice? You might as well rely on Judge Judy!

[link to judicialselection.com]

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