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WTF America

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08/26/2020 01:02 PM
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WTF America
How come you continue to vote for Democrats that want to slowly turn you into a socialist country? The ultimate goal is to have a full on communist state and every single city they control have turned into festering hell holes. I live in a province run by socialists and let me tell you it never works out for business or we the people.

There are dark forces trying to destroy your country from within. They are turning you on each other when it is really the governments you elected and their finacial supporters within the banking industry, and certain multinational companies that are the true enemy of all free nations on earth.

They are programing your youth to think they deserve a living wage for doing absolutely nothing. Their media arms are so biased and onesided now that what you receive on the six o'clock news is way beyond fake news. It is full on communist propaganda disguised as some sort of truth that never existed.

How come the current democaratic nominee can feel up small chldren in public and set up his useless family through questionablle foreign transactions that would send any of President Trumps family straight to jail. You would have to be blind and stupid not to see these glaring facts yourself, yet somehow this creep is leading in the polls. The polls are just as fake as your media.

I think they want to bring the US down, so the socialist new world order they openly preach can take hold. In some ways, the US is the last bastion of hope because they have already successfully disarmed the rest of the world.

They tried to steal the last election but failed because rural America stood up and said enough. The are going to try again with mail in voting. Covid is just a distraction and another method to achieve totalatarion control. It is okay to riot in the streets in roving gangs, but not okay to line up 6ft apart in an oderly fashion and vote in a way that can not be manipulated.

These young thugs in the street really do believe they stand on the side of truth and freedom. The social programming they received since childhood in your schools and on the TV has worked. When President Trump gets elected again they will become even more vile.

In the past, it did not really matter which party won, and the people would stand behind their president and get on with business. Now they act like spoilt children and make up false charges to impeach the leader the people elected. They champion the electoral college when it suits them and condem it when it works against them. In the last election, it clearly demonstarted why it works so well. Would you really want a bunch of godless democratic cities deciding your fate?

These people are long removed from God. They only care about a new world order that has been planed for centuries. It is about to get worse but sometimes people still sleeping need to see their homes and cities burn to the ground before they see the faces of evil behind this grand plan.

May God bless the United States of America. Stay strong and stand up against the evil the permeates throughout your great nation. I use to think it didn't not matter which side you voted for, but just based on how hard they have tried to bring down your current president is evicence enough for me that he is likely not one of them.

It is going to be a crazy ride and 2024 is the date we must reach before this comes to a close. If you think 2020 was crazy the next 4 years will be the time when the veil is fully lifted.