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Subject President Trump knocked it out of the ball park last night
Poster Handle Zenmen
Post Content
I watched your Presidents speech last night and felt the hand of God is on his shoulders. He likely won the last election by a much larger majority, but we all know the Democrats tried everything they could to steal it.

It is a shame I will never hear a speech like that from the Liberal fool running my country. I think he will win a landslide victory this time. The reason some people are turned off by him is simply because there is a higher power behind his inauguration. I think sometimes you get the leader you need.

China, Russia and Persia have some dark plans for the future of this world and President Trump is here more to be a counterbalance to that more than he is here to lead the US economically. Remember this thread and you will see just how important he will be to world security in the coming years.

In Ezekiel God says he will raise up David at the end of the age to be our Shepard. Maybe we will see President Trump and King David standing together to defeat evil, so this world can live in peace and harmony.
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