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save the children hoax

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09/02/2020 06:31 AM
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save the children hoax
People who are crying out loud to save the children are the ones paying their paid contract killers AKA military to kill the innocent children and people of other countries but yet they want save the children in their own country.... Its just karma being played for what their paid militias aka military did to other countries childrens....

If your military does to other country then its just alright and when karma hits back at you everyone freaks out....stupid and senseless humans...

this is the same case for homeless veterans... they are homeless cuz they made other people homeless by bombing their homes, made children orphans by killing their parents, made people sick by poisoning them... KARMA always hits back in this life or next life and it hits when you are most vulnerable that is childhood... The present children who are abused are the souls of military people who killed countless people in its previous life...

the childrens who these Elites eat are the ones who ate children in their previous life...You don't get anything which you didn't do to others..if you suffer now you made others suffer....when you made other suffer it was all sunshine and roses but when it hits back you whine and cry and blame all god satan for all your suffering....

The child which the Rothchild family ate yesterday might the soul of Amschel rothchild or their friends who passed away recently... so when any Elites die now, they will be reborn as a child for their Elite friends to eat them...