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Message Subject Anyone use Cox for internet? Something weird with their service.
Poster Handle Constant Parad0x
Post Content
I've been having trouble for a few weeks with intermittent outages and I've spent a lot of time on the phone with customer service.

They sent a guy out and he was like, "welp, nothing wrong on our end. You must need a new router"

Dude, we spent a lot of money on that dang router less than a year ago...some Nighthawk something....I dunno...my bf could tell you what it is. But the point is it's a good router.

Tech guy is like, yeah but there's nothing wrong with the service.

So he leaves.

And since he left, we've had the fastest speed ever with no issues of it going out. It's slightly faster than what we're paying for, even.

How is that possible?

Think they nerfed us? Coincidence?
 Quoting: Only Me

That's all they ever do. Their MO seems to be to blame customer equipment for any outage. A couple years back I had them out here twice with similar service issues and their only solution was to send somebody out here to do the same shit a 3rd time. When I refused, they kept blaming my modem and wanted to replace it with one of theirs. I told them "sure, I'll let you put your modem in, if you waive the rental fee." Of course, she didn't want to do that. I even said, just waive it for 30-60 days... if it fixes the issue, I'll buy it from you, if it doesn't, I'm putting the old one back and want to know what Cox's next step is in the troubleshooting process. She didn't want to play ball, so I ditched them for centurylink for a year(bad decision).

At any rate, these networks fluctuate in signal with things like temperature and weather. They can also have a device like an amplifier that exhibits intermittent problems, or there may be an interference source caused by a device that's hooked up at a customer's house that only causes the problem when turned on.

The problem here was a T4 timeout which means that the head end stopped communicating with my modem. This usually means their network is overloaded. About 6 months after I dumped them, Cox came through the area with trucks laying down new fiber, and 2 months after that I had someone knocking on my door from Cox telling me about their upgrade in the area and trying to get me back on their network.

I think its interesting that they take the "blame the customer equipment" approach because I ran a very large, very multi-site WAN(400 sites) years back and failed CPE (customer premises equipment) was pretty low on the list of failures. Typically, if it failed, the failure was obvious - got fried by a storm, something leaked on it, it keeps rebooting itself, etc. If they have any kind of a real NOC, they can see on their end that a large amount of equipment in an area is experiencing an issue. I don't see what's to be gained by pissing off everyone on an entire node (something like 250 people, maybe more these days) to the point that they all cancel their service....
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