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Message Subject Anyone use Cox for internet? Something weird with their service.
Poster Handle ++Richardson++
Post Content
I've been having trouble for a few weeks with intermittent outages and I've spent a lot of time on the phone with customer service.

They sent a guy out and he was like, "welp, nothing wrong on our end. You must need a new router"

Dude, we spent a lot of money on that dang router less than a year ago...some Nighthawk something....I dunno...my bf could tell you what it is. But the point is it's a good router.

Tech guy is like, yeah but there's nothing wrong with the service.

So he leaves.

And since he left, we've had the fastest speed ever with no issues of it going out. It's slightly faster than what we're paying for, even.

How is that possible?

Think they nerfed us? Coincidence?
 Quoting: Only Me

We've had Cox, and there have been at least two outages in the past couple weeks. BUT, I have to say, after the first, speeds went dramatically up. After the second outage, no change. Still fast.

We had fiber run through our neighborhood a couple years ago, which changed everything for the better.
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