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Message Subject Demon Possessed Dark Magic Sorcerer Is Dead
Poster Handle White Magic Council
Post Content
With All Hallows Eve upon us, the time is near to protect innocents from the evil intent of Dark Magic. The White Magic Council has been informed that the dead dark sorcerer CD Hoit, whose ashes are contained in a magically protected vessal buried in the saltlands, will be further dealt with to prevent any other dark sorcerer from taking possession of what is left of the dead sorcerer's fragmented soul.

Samhain is the time when the veil between the world of mankind and the world of spirit is very thin. This is the most dangerous time for the unprotected and the unprepared who venture to dabble in conjuring. It is also the time when the dark minions of dark sorcers pierce the veil in search of power. These are the true vampires. It is during this time that the fragmented soul of the dark sorcerer CD Hoit will be a prize sought by dark forces seeking to regain one of their own.

Upon request of the family and concerned who were harmed by CD Hoit, the White Witch Council has learned that a special Samhain soul containment - evil banishment rite will be performed to prevent CD Hoit's fractured soul from being extracted and used to harm others. Any one or any energy attempting to gain possession of CD Hoit's fractured dark soul will themselves be contained in a vessal in the salt lands.
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