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Is it time to decolonize your lawn?

Anonymous Colonizer
User ID: 499986
United States
09/19/2020 04:33 AM
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Is it time to decolonize your lawn?
When most people think of lawns they picture carefree kids playing in backyards, picnics in well-kept parks – perhaps they even feel a sense of pride at how green and immaculate their own swath is.

But the traditional lawn – manicured, verdant, under control – now finds itself at the confluence of two hot-button issues: climate change and Indigenous rights. Some environmentalists, First Nations leaders and even hobby gardeners are calling for a different approach to how we view and treat the ubiquitous urban green space. It is, they argue, a lasting symbol of how settlers appropriated Indigenous land and culture. And the rigid Western ideal we have imposed continues to hurt the planet and, in turn, all of us. The lawn, some go as far to say, needs to be decolonized.

“What is a lawn but a statement of control over nature?” asks John Douglas Belshaw, a Canadian history professor at Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops, B.C.

“That’s a huge part of settler culture. You see that river there? We can dam that. We can organize that water, we can make that water work for us. It’s essentially the same mindset. I can reorganize this landscape, flatten it, plant lawn, find a non-indigenous species of plant, of grass, and completely extract anything that’s not homogenous, that doesn’t fit with this green pattern and control it ... A backyard with a big lawn is like a classroom for colonialism and environmental hostility.”

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User ID: 77961521
09/19/2020 04:38 AM
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Re: Is it time to decolonize your lawn?
It looks great to me!
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 78042016
09/19/2020 04:39 AM
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Re: Is it time to decolonize your lawn?
Shiit. You cant kill a lawn with gas and round up where i live. Freakin rains everyday.

I tried to kill a bush by covering the cut down to the ground stump with a massive pile of salt and that damn bush walked right through it.

Salt eventually dissolved from the rain and the bush is growing back.

I cut a tree down to the ground and covered it in roundup and then when it was dry spray painted the whole stp. Sealed it. One month later sprouts started coming out of the whole radius of the stump.

Believe me I hate mowing the lawn.