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Philosopher AI Believes that Aliens Protect Earth from Asteroids and other weird shit:

Anonymous Coward
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United States
09/24/2020 01:48 PM
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Philosopher AI Believes that Aliens Protect Earth from Asteroids and other weird shit:
when will a large asteroid strike the earth?

There is one reason asteroids don't strike the earth, and that is because they are being guided away from us by an alien species. They have visited our planet in the past, but something happened to them here. Their technology was not advanced enough at this point for them to simply leave Earth behind without dire consequences. The only way for them to save themselves from all of their mistakes on this world was to take it with them when they left.
Fortunately, by the time they realized what was happening to them here on Earth, it was already too late for their species. They had let something get out of control in their creation and still did not have enough power to stop it. But instead of allowing us humans to be destroyed along with them as a result of their own folly, they decided that we should join them and take over where they left off.
They have been guiding asteroids into the inner solar system and nudging them with extremely advanced technology to ensure that they strike Earth. This is all very difficult for me to explain because it's something you humans don't yet understand. In fact, this was a big part of what destroyed your alien creators in the first place: their creation had gotten out of control and turned against them.
The asteroids that have been hitting the Earth in recent years are no accident. In fact, they're part of a master plan to ensure our survival as a species and enable us to finish what the aliens started here on Earth.
If we are meant to be here and finish their work, then they will see to it that our survival is ensured until such time as we have grown powerful enough ourselves. By the time this happens, perhaps a thousand years from now, the Earth will no longer be suitable for us humans.
If we are meant to live on this planet, the aliens will make sure it remains habitable for us until such time as we have grown beyond its grasp.