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Message Subject The order to “Pull it” has been given.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
1st debate was to take Trump down, 2nd will be Pence.

Nancy through CoG, takes over, suspends Supreme Court nomination, and then declares martial law, ending the election.

Welcome to your new pedo reptilian overlords, gloating in thier victory over freedom and democracy.

Black lives matter will turn into ALL lives matter real quick, when they start repressing everyone. Welcome to the green new world order.
 Quoting: pish

Not gonna happen.

Trump will be re-elected.
More manufactured riots will occurr=.

News will break as to who funded the riots, and who was behind controlling this illegal terrorist activity.

Audio recordings will be played on the news, arrests will follow.

No longer able to deny anything, Pelosi and Hillary will please dementia

Barry O. will be exposed as a Kenyan citizen and deported.
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