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Subject I decided not to post my huge rant.
Poster Handle pish
Post Content
It would have been auto banned anyways due to the language I used.

The point was that I was born in the 70s, and nobody had these racist, ideological, sexual views that exist today.

I live in a world that has done a 180 and I don’t get it. Why are we fighting each other, when literally 20 yrs ago, the same stuff existed, but we didn’t fight about it, and we just existed.

Funny thing is race never even entered my mind, ever... every person I dealt with was just that...a person...they could be good or bad, educated or ignorant, moral or immoral, why did we try to paint a race on it?

I say all this because I believe ultimately BLM doesn’t actually represent blacks, and the Antifa movement doesn’t actually represent people fighting racists.

It’s a strange new world we live in folks, you better be prepared to stretch your noggin a bit to defeat the mind controllers.
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