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Subject Reparations: The blunt force instrument the Democrats will use to start a race war (but not how you think)
Poster Handle TX Refinery Man
Post Content
If you talk about something long enough, it becomes more real; perception is reality, etc.

Democrat candidates are openly talking about the potential for reparations. I’ve heard and read the figure “3 million” per person discussed. Eventually black Americans will come to expect this as a done deal; after all, prominent leaders are discussing it.

It will be GOP leaders who will squash any hope of this becoming reality because someone has to. The economy simply can not withstand the debt the government would have to incur, as well as making payments to a favored group over another, in clear violation of “equal protection under the law”.

When this happens the perceived “reality” will be that Republicans “stole my money”. After all, they have every right to expect it. Democrat leaders told them they deserved it.

So get ready, this really isn’t a joke.
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