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Message Subject Send to all! Why we are voting for Trump if you can't fathom it finally summed up!
Poster Handle Epic Beard Guy
Post Content
That is a fairly good summation. I don't think I would like Donald Trump, in person. But, he is exactly what America needs right now. He is not part of the establishment ruling class, and he does not like them. He wants to return the power to the American people, and make America great again. The swamp dwellers hate him because he is a threat to the status quo. Maybe in his second term he can drum up enough support to make some big changes. I would like to see term limits and banning lobbying, but that's too much to hope for. If returning manufacturing to America and creating jobs here is all he does, it's still worth it.

I would like him better if he was a bit nicer, but sometimes nice doesn't get the job done.
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