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Message Subject Send to all! Why we are voting for Trump if you can't fathom it finally summed up!
Poster Handle Epic Beard Guy
Post Content
There are some valid points in this, but overall still fucking stupid. Have balls and take responsibility for YOUR actions fucktard. Fuck, I could respect you just a tiny bit more if you just say "I'm voting for him because of these points" and not blame someone else.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 4168606

I'm voting for him because he is what America needs right now. The demonrats won't take responsibility for any of their actions. Everything is always someone else's fault. All the unrest in America is directly related to the libertards lack of respect for law and order. They let the Marxists organizations like BLM and antifa destroy cities unchallenged, and then blame the police!

America was founded on Judaeo-Christian values. Without those values, the liberals are able to take advantage of the system and try to destroy it from within.
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