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Message Subject Illinois Sex Offender Tries to Castrate Himself
Poster Handle Mark In NYC
Post Content
As a physician I know that often the castration does NOT stop the urges. But it does stop their being able to get erect (most of the time) and therefore it may serve to mitigate the damange they can potentially do.

For most of these men, the psychopathology involved is so complex that although taking off the testicles stops the sexual urges, the urge to control, dominate, and touch in appropriately still continues. If they're violent or inclined to be, the danger level really does not diminish. There have been studies done over and over, and this castration fad is currently "fashionable" and probably provides society with a false sense of security and such, but it's not going to cut it for the long haul as it does NOT work to stop them - at least not completely. The other drives are not completely sexual in nature and therefore are not changed by the absence of testosterone in their bloodstreams.

On the other hand, the lower testosterone levels are associated with decreased aggression and lower sex drives- so that's not a bad thing in this circumstance. The long range picture for a castrated sexual predator is that they'll still want to do things with children but they're probably not going to be able to penetrate anyone as they cannot get errect. If their "urges" are centered on violent behavior or inflicting pain - then these may not diminsh at all.

Personally, until we have a method to completely treat these kinds of people, I think we should seriously consider imprisioning them for life without parole. Reason? This (or the deathh penalty) is the only way we can be sure they will not stike again and harm other children.

This horror of a crime, by the way, is one that echo's down the generations. Many of these sexual predators will have a history of sexual abuse against them when they were children - thus setting the stage for their doing the same thing to someone else when they're an adult. As horrid as this crime is, it is about the only crime that repeats from predator or perpetrator to victim over and over again through the generations. That's why the ONLY way to stop it completely is to remove these people from the society before they can pass their rage and hate and maddness on to another child and perhaps setting that child on the road to molesting others when he is grown! On a philosophical basis I oppose the death penalty under most circumstances. But for this particular crime agianst humanity itself and given what this act can do to innocent children and what it can do to them later on in their adult lives - perhaps the gas chamber or a lethal injection is the best option here.

I would for one be willling to allow a limited use of capitol punishment in this circumstance. Limited, but necessary perhaps, as the only certain way to stop the cycle of it repeating down through generatiions....
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