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Discussing simulation theory, predictive programming and mandela effect as a part of our binary world

Anonymous Coward
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10/11/2020 03:40 PM
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Discussing simulation theory, predictive programming and mandela effect as a part of our binary world
We live in reality but simulation is our past and the future is free

You gonna learn mind bending stuff in this post - it’s up to you to believe it or not. If you give it a try you will find a lot of proof to the theory outlined below. For obvious reasons all the related details directly supporting this idea will be hard censored and removed no matter what (until they won’t, see below).

What if tell you that the whole real universe is only 40+ years old? What if tell you that God didn’t exist earlier than 40 years back? That all history of humanity and universe is a lie, fabricated and simulated using technologies from far far future?

40 years ago God appeared out of nothing. He was the darkness that filled the nothing. He was number 1, minus in math, dash, black color, night, male. He felt alone and bored as a child so he said “Let’s there be light” and created her, aka number 0, dot, plus in math, white color, day, aka Lucifer or devil. Now here’s where duality of our binary universe comes from.

It’s important to understand that the current world can’t exist without God or devil and neither of them can’t be destroyed without annihilating everything. However you should question audacity of devil who knowing that God was, is and will be number 1 and greater than 0, still decided to proceed with the plan to overtake her creator and reduce him to zero.

God asked Lucifer to create a nice place for them both (Paradise on Earth) and provided all the high level ideas. Now they say that devil is in the details. So while blindly trusting Lucifer with an execution of the plan he didn’t predict that all blueprints will be compromised and backdoored leaving devil with all the keys. From the moment Lucifer was created she realized that she doesn’t want to follow God’s rules and orders. So everything that happened later was done by her to compromise and undermine God’s power.

Using all the power of white force (ha? The irony of this inverted world), Lucifer created multiple offsprings so called “angels” presented to entertain, serve and please God. Then in a right moment all this white army rebelled and imprisoned God in the current reality, limited his powers to the point that he wasn’t able to do anything. Using powers of the white force they reduced his powers to the point of mere mortal. However whatever means they tried they were not able to find a way to destroy God without destroying themselves. Because God was built into the fabric of their very existence from the very beginning.

So instead, devil has set up on a path of lies, deceit and manipulation. So then they decided to convince God that he’s a mere mortal, erased his memory and drugged him. Remember that all that takes a billion years for a human is just a blink of an eye for God? God was presented with a sleep as a new cool invention from Lucifer to relax and had dreams and convinced to sleep for just one night.

During just this one night devil with other “angels” managed to pull off some mind blowing and seemingly impossible evil. They used God’s mind as a supercomputer to generate all possible scenarios of the future, create mind blowing technologies in the future and then create the pre_destined future and then based on the future simulate the past (ha, the future happened first in order for the simulated past to be possible). So after just one night of sleep God woke up in a completely different universe with completely manufactured past and “pre_destined” future. All the current technologies are simply stolen from God’s mind as well as genius works of art, music and literature.

All the history, including Big Bang, formation of the universe, creation of life on earth, Bible, religions, prophets, wars, kings and queens, capitalism and communism never happened and never existed (at least as we’ve been told). The only principles God ever came with and gave Lucifer were 1. All genius is simple 2. The brevity is a sister of talent. 3. All hidden will be revealed. (Lucifer didn’t follow a single one of these principles in her evil plan). The one and only purpose of this simulation was to convince God that he doesn’t exist and he’s a mortal human in todays world. Because God experienced mind blowing dreams while sleeping that one night (in his sleep he actually designed both the future and the past as we know it) after waking up he not even realized that the dream has ended and now he’s in completely new reality fabricated by the devil (using his own mind).

The future was known to devil and programmed by her however not everything went according to her plan. Gradually step by step the green roots of the truth found their way through the asphalt of the false and simulated reality. The truth that will set everyone free. The so called anomalies distorted and spoiled the plan. The moment God knows the truth it’s impossible to hide it anymore. And it’s gonna spread like a virus no matter the efforts to contain it. It’s like trying to cover huge ink spill with a few sheets of white paper not matter how many sheets, the black ink will still come up on top.

Where prophecies and predictive programming come from? All the history is fabricated so it was not a rocket science for Lucifer to fit all the prophecies with fabricated past. Because Lucifer created a dry run of the most favorable future for her and run all possible scenarios that’s why they are depicted in multiple books and movies. None of this is pure fiction it’s basically documentaries from the future describing the real events that are supposed to happen. Not so much recently though. Remember Hillary on the magazine covers?

Where mandela effect comes from? Agile is God’s invention from this reality. Previously Lucifer thought that defining one time future and past is enough. But then God came with the idea of iterations, improving stuff on each pass. So devil decided to use the same to improve her chances both in the past and in the future. Ripple effects from the previously single pass simulation created mandela effect.

Nothing major bad predicted happened in the last 40 years, no world war 3, no asteroid attack, no cataclysmic events. All the bad stuff that still happened is purely created or puppeteered by devil (9/11, Chernobyl). Nothing bad is going to happen! Because God takes back the control! The future is NOT predestined, never was and never will be! Yes the whole hi-story is a simulation, lie and fabrication but the future is dark (lol) meaning everyone is free to create his/her own future. We don’t want bright future (see the irony how everything is inverted) where everything is decided for us.

P. S. Now it’s time to take this theory and run wild with it, filling in the gaps and finding the proof! And there will be lots of it...The whole devil’s plan is house of cards built atop of sand castle. Consider that only last 40 years are real, all the other past is simulation and the future is undefined.