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Subject Why aren't you buying land and practicing regenerative agriculture?
Poster Handle ROOSTRE
Post Content
Things are getting worse, they aren't going to get better. You're going to need food, water and shelter and you may not be able to buy those things in the near future. The Grand Solar Minimum is just getting started, the CoViD lockdowns aren't going away and the economy isn't coming back. TPTB are in the endgame, why aren't you? The dollar will be worthless and you'll be forced use their new digital dollar, they'll make you take the vaccine, they're going to take you children if you don't play their game.

The cities will descend into chaos, possibly in the next few weeks. Supply chains will continue to falter and they're going to force you to eat their fauxmeat. You're not safe, you don't even have the internet anymore, they've killed 99% of all meaningful discussion online through subversion and censorship. If you aren't getting out of the system now, you wont be able to. You're about to be trapped in the cities, trapped in the suburbs and people are going to be very scared, very hungry and very very dangerous.

There is a reason 90% of the population will be dead 1 year after a grid down event. It's not that we can't survive without it, it's that almost nobody knows HOW to survive. More people are starting to prepare, but they still have no idea what's coming. They still think that their 3 months of rations and toilet paper will get them through... how many know what to do with their refuse when the sewers back up? How many know how to get water there's none coming from the tap? How many know to filter and sanitize that water? This isn't a joke, this isn't skitzo ramblings, this is where things are obviously going and have been going for a very long time.

Your best bet at survival is having knowledge and skills that will be a benefit to a post SHTF group. Can you forge steel? Do you know how to make a forge from earthen materials? Do you have extensive medical skills? Knowledge of plant medicines? Can you build things? Do you know how to build log structures? Turn logs into lumber? What are doing RIGHT NOW to ensure that your mouth is worth putting food into? What are you doing right now that will help you and your community survive this or even thrive?! Time is quickly running out, you may not even have time at this point, but it's worth trying.

Are you just sitting around arguing about mask ordinances? Are you caught up in the latest political scandal? Seething over Nancy? Getting a chuckle at Antifa/BLM receiving their comeuppance? Well, STOP IT and start doing what is necessary to make it through this. If you live in a big city, I'm sorry, but it's probably going to be very hard to get out, if you live in the suburbs, sell your house to some sucker that thinks they'll flee to the burbs and be safe and pray that you find a good piece of rural property. If you can't get out of the burbs, screw your lawn, us all that space to grow food. Get some chickens. Hopefully you stocked up on guns and ammo before all of this, because you're likely going to have to defend what's yours.

See You Space Cowboy.
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