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Message Subject How Many Of You Know You Overcame The Programming? And How Many Of You Think You Have Overcome The Programming?
Poster Handle MandaTayeRN
Post Content
Im not sure why or how...

It just happened...

And boy oh boy let me tell you...

My life flipped upside down and I went into overdrive in search of any knowledge I could gain...

The only way I could explain it would be divine like...

And its the sole reason why I believe there is someone upstairs guiding it all..
 Quoting: COVID19

I concur. For me it was right around when Kim Jung Un's dad died. I was having a hard time and I went into the basement and prayed for a heart attack in my sleep.

Instead for 3 days everywhere I looked was a continuous exposure to truth everywhere. The only way I could escape it was by talking to others in person. Even on the internet people would continue with same story. They later didn't recall it.

I immediately became concerned about my mother as she is an athiest and was told not to worry about her because our souls judge themselves. That there was no lake of fire.

I never heard any voices or anything. It would just use what I was looking at to continue exposing the truth to me.

I later found out apocalypse literally means "unveiling of the truth."

I remember grieving for the life I thought was real so badly.

Now I don't care.. I tell everyone what I think no matter how crazy it looks.

Being in the medical field I know that I'm supposed to use the truth to help cure people as best as I can.

I always hoped to have that experience again but it only happened one time. I almost felt I wasn't good enough for it to keep going or for it to happen again.

I've also prayed soo sooo sooo hard that it would happen to others so they, too, could know God was real . IF I ever had any doubt discovering how much they love Satan with all the knowledge they know of course there had to be a God.

It helped my faith as well.

Just don't know why it happened to me and not others... especially when praying for death.

Hope any of that makes some sense.

I am not pro trump or pro biden. Its' all a show. We never won the war with Britain. We had 14 colonies and sticks and stones. They just set up this colony with the illusion that they could change things every four years so they wouldn't revolt. Much better than a monarchy.

It's all a show.

Due to the timing with North Korea dad dude dying I also realized WE ARE JUST LIKE NORTH KOREA. Except were so stupid we don't need fences. Since then though theyve started trying to build a wall and now have a big ass ship on each side.

It's going to be a very dark, dark winter. Many will die.

Take heed or not. I can't help those who aren't meant to hear.
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