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Message Subject How Many Of You Know You Overcame The Programming? And How Many Of You Think You Have Overcome The Programming?
Poster Handle ALL IS ONE IS ALL
Post Content
I just confronted the new McDonald Trump here... who has some good stuff... but he posted a pic of Obama kissing a man.. MICELLE.. it is NOT funny because its bullshit.

That is an example of mind controlled garbage and its not possible to stay fully clean of it...

I have posted many many many times here now... that if one goes to Goggle images and looks up pictures of a young michelle and a teen age michelle including a pic of her trying to dance ballet and well more.. this is a female and not a male.. and the hips alone are not male Black hips...

On top of that you can find the original undoctored images of her in the green dress and others.. which prove the photoshipping.. in that green dress the "penis" bulge is in fact in the wrong place.

Its time to grow out of this mind one issue with mind control... ok.. do some research. hf That is but one example of being woke.. do the work.

Human beings love gossip even if its not true you see...
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