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Message Subject How Many Of You Know You Overcame The Programming? And How Many Of You Think You Have Overcome The Programming?
Poster Handle ALL IS ONE IS ALL
Post Content
Michelle Obama is where there is a lot of unwoke passing garbage on the net.. everyone has something unwoke.

I dont' remember if I have posted on this in this thread.

so here is a post I just made in another thread by somebody unwoke. And its so simple to woke on this one.. utterly simple


and once again there is no Michael Obama.. use your god given minds and go to google and look at the younger pics of Michelle.. she was always female... and look at HER HIPS.. These are black female hips and an xray would prove they are not male hips.

Ignorance is not divine. and neither is deliberately spreading bullshit you have not checked out.. Look at the old pics of the of the photoshopped in bulges... they are not even in the right place.. did you guys want your dicks half way to your navel? LOOK for God's sake. the original pics do not have the photoshopped dicks in them.
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