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Message Subject How Many Of You Know You Overcame The Programming? And How Many Of You Think You Have Overcome The Programming?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
If you KNOW what I'm talking about than you KNOW...

Also curious about how many years it took you. It took me 26 damn years to realize/wake up lmfao! I've lost control a few times so far. But I currently have my hands on the wheel again...

 Quoting: Psychonaut SN7

you are talking in absolutes.

anyone that has actually OVERCOME the programming is immortal and could fly at will. yah. let that sink in.

there is a vast chasm between recognizing the programming and overcoming it.

not to discourage tho.

the evidence that you are overcoming is that you feel more light, more healthy and you smile more. When you get the point of feeling weightless as you walk EVERY DAY, ALL DAY. ...you will be smiling all day everyday and nothing will be able to provoke you, anger you, or frustrate you.

it's all by degrees.

three books for anyone serious about the path:

The One - Lillian DeWaters
God I Am - Peter (can't remember the last name)
A Course in Miracles. - Foundation for inner Peace
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 79317176

we can't fly at will if we are using a suit of meat beloved.. and us who are starseeds incarnate have been immortal for a very long time... Meat suits do not fly and we have to have a meat suit connection to make change on this planet... Incarnation also makes us citizens with the RIGHT to have citizen rights on this world.. That is one reason for the incarnation of Christ Jesus in fact.

We of the higher realms cannot be in a suit of meat.. it would incinerate it.. so we connect thru what is labeled a silver tube..

Like this.

:consult divine w:

And some of us as we prepare for our roles so a bit more than connect.. our night spirit being builds circuits as our meat suit brains become available for that.. in which our higher selves can can actually HEAR and speak thru us.. I have that connection... my "real me".. can listen to what is on my TV and we can discuss it for example. She can SEE what these eyes see also.. and that and speaking thru my vocal cords is needed for my next job in service actually. Not everyone of us gets this connection.. mine will be needed AFTER the magnetic reversal.

Once one had chosen the life eternal... they are already immortal... the spirit.. not the suit of meat. Ok.. now is that clear? Because that is how its done.

if you believe that meat suits pose limitations, then you are ignorant. Is this rude? no. just factual. You have drawn many false conclusions from the limited amount of truth that has been given you.
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