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In depth analysis of Trumps astrology chart. (for those who are into this)

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United States
10/16/2020 12:22 PM
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In depth analysis of Trumps astrology chart. (for those who are into this)
Someone did a pretty lengthy analysis of Trumps birth chart. Here it is:

Trump’s astrology chart is magnificent. It is the most powerful chart I know of among people who are still alive today. People like President Trump come along but once in a generation, and tower over their peers. In previous ages, such men as these might have been seen as kings, emperors, even gods.

He was born at almost the exact moment of a Full Moon Eclipse, with the Sun high in the sky, directly overhead in the 10th house, and tightly conjunct Uranus and North Node. Meanwhile his Moon was directly opposite the Sun in the 4th house, bathed in full sunlight, and Moon was of course conjunct the South Node and opposite Sun and Uranus. This house shows Trump the Brilliant Businessman, Trump the Genius Executive, Trump the Crazy Outsider, Trump the One-Of-A-Kind Ruler, his most authentic personal identity. But we all have many sides to us. Lesser identities.

Trump’s Ascendant is conjunct Mars in Leo, giving him the outward social likeness of a roaring lion. But the Ascendant itself is just barely, ever so slightly over the line into Virgo, and so Trump’s truer social persona –if you ever get to meet him personally - is actually quite Virgo-like - humble, careful, practical, sincere, surprisingly simple, deeply thoughtful, and a truly hard worker.

But with his Ascendant conjunct a Leo Mars, Trump is also a bit of an actor, and knows how to play a role to an audience and make a strong impression. He knows how to make some noise and act scary, as lions do. His trademark phrase after all was “you’re fired!” Trump’s Ascendant/Mars conjunction makes him a natural hunter and a fighter who will not run away from a fight (astrologers should have known he’d never let Hillary go free. Trump is famous for saying he always like to get revenge on people who do him wrong, and a person with Ascendant conjunct Mars is not one to forgive and forget, so Obama, Comey, and Brennan all ought to be watching their backs). Trump’s Asc/Mars conjunction will compel him to aggressively pursue his prey and destroy them without mercy. But Trump’s Mars is in the 12th house, so he pursues his prey with great stealth and artifice and misdirection. He is not the least bit afraid to stand up to anyone, or to tell them to go to hell if need be, but with Ascendant ruler Mercury in the 11th, he is always ready to make a deal if one can be made.

With Ascendant conjunct Mars, Trump is a natural fighter and scrapper, and is ready to mix it up, as we saw in the first debate. But because Mars is in the 12th, Trump does not WANT to be seen as a fighter, and so he is notable for being the first President in a generation not to start a war of his own.

This Asc/Mars conjunction makes Trump identify strongly with the police and the military, and vigorously support them.

Trump’s Ascendant conjunct Mars in Leo gives him robust health, a strong constitution, and great energy, drive, stamina, strength, and endurance. We have all seen reports of his energetic, tireless working style. Trump will identify with his own energy and strength with this in his chart, and will tend to see his opponents (and even sometimes his partners) as being weak, tired, sleepy, or low-energy.

The Leo Mars on the Ascendant is vastly empowered by its ruler the Sun so powerfully positioned and aspected in the 10th house, making him destined to be famous for brilliant, honored, distinguished, powerful, extraordinary, and popular yet controversial position and career. This is the mark of lasting fame, honor, recognition, and success, and certainly few people in history have been as successful as Trump, reaching the pinnacle of success in three completely different professions.

This chart has three planets – Mercury, Venus, and Saturn, in the 11th house, reflecting Trump’s many agreeable and profitable professional and business relationships and agreements that have played such a huge role in his success. This house shows Trump the Deal-Maker and Negotiator. It also reflects how his many relatives, siblings, and son-in-laws have played such large roles in his life. It also reflects Trump the Media-Savvy TV Star, and his very public personal life and personality.

Trump’s Virgo Ascendant ruler Mercury is in the 11th and tightly squares Neptune in the 2nd. This square is actually key to Trump’s success in life. With Asc ruler Mercury in the 11th, Trump identifies very strongly with his societal communication systems and methods. He has friends and contacts everywhere, who provide him with quality intelligence. Trump’s intelligence systems and networks are what allowed him to make such great business deals, and to win the White House against such high odds.

Because Mercury is square Neptune, Trump’s intelligence networks are very covert and secretive and hidden. This square also gives Trump the ability to excel at misdirection and subterfuge. It also shows problems in his life with spies and covert surveillance as well, as has proven to be correct with the whole Obamagate scandal.

This chart has two planets in the 2nd house of money – Jupiter and Neptune – which together can really make it rain money in this house, and so they reflect Trump The Billionaire, a man with seemingly endless resources, AND as a President who really has the magic touch in growing/stimulating the US economy.
Anonymous Coward
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United States
10/16/2020 12:24 PM
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Re: In depth analysis of Trumps astrology chart. (for those who are into this)
his ass trilogy sign is that he is a spoiled dumbass

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United States
11/07/2020 07:19 PM
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Re: In depth analysis of Trumps astrology chart. (for those who are into this)
Sun in the 10th house Means you will be famous?