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Subject Dear Star Seeds.. WE are here to Facilitate the AGE OF REASON
Poster Handle ALL IS ONE IS ALL
Post Content
Starting new thread for star seeds on GLP waking up. You are from the higher realms incarnate here for this transition of Earth into ETERNITY. Actually our entire solar System..is moving into Eternity. I have posted this song several times here and there on GLP. I belongs here... The author of the words is Sara.. who walked with Jesus 2000 years ago as Mary M... She was incarnate on this world in this past century as a world renowed singer... and passed in the early 2000's.

The music is by one of my team and the performed by her band and sung by her also.. We call her Light Assistant in her music creations.. The words from Sara came thru Light Assistant. Light Assistant is a star seed.

Rosie.. also a star seed on my team put together the video and it contains her art. This is nice little example of several coming together to co create with God.

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