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Message Subject Dear Star Seeds.. WE are here to Facilitate the AGE OF REASON
Poster Handle ALL IS ONE IS ALL
Post Content
Ok.. briefly what is a star seed?????????? Well we incarnate on planets needing change and advancement. We have been going to planets for eternity pretty much.

We come to worlds which as just developing Human MInd... evolution of mind is slow.. and if we did not come to help say on earth when we began that... you on earth would still be living in caves...and not beyond heating by fire much even now.

Some star seeds are engels incarnating.. some to gain experience .. some to move a world forward. Many of us had human origins ... and have gained immense experience. Experience is the only way of learning.. trial and error is the beginning of learning by experience.. Watch your animal family members using trial and error... And trial and error continues for many millennium. We introduce moving beyond trial and error.. We bring problem solving that attends wisdom gained from trial and error.

We cannot help people by being invisible to them in our higher forms. We must be visible.

Covid 19.. the perfect Storm.. is hugely about waking those of you not woke yet.. UP... The time is now. consult divine w You must use this connection with your real selves because you cannot yourselves be actually in the flesh.. Your vibrations would fry the flesh. So you build a silver tube between real you and the mind and brain of the body you constructed for your use.
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