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Want To Know About Some Of Fakebook's "Fact-Checkers"?

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United States
10/16/2020 08:13 PM
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Want To Know About Some Of Fakebook's "Fact-Checkers"?
So did I, since in the past few weeks more and more of my Fakebook posts have been tagged by those infamous, censoring authorities.

This morning they listed three on one of my posts: USA TODAY, an organization called "Lead Stories" and one called "PolitiFact".

Using USA TODAY is as ridiculous as trusting anything published by the WASHINGTON POST so enough said there. USA TODAY is owned by Gannett, which began as a conservative news outlet, but in recent yeasrs has since morphed into something far more leftist.

"Lead Stories" is an organization "accredited" on June 13, 2019 by the IFCN - the "International Fact-Checking Network" which is owned by the POYNTER INSTITUTE. That accreditation expired the same day it was issued. The IFCN application for "Lead Stories" was submitted by Margo Susca, an Asst. Professor with the American University's Journalism Department. On her IFCN application she did not submit a statement of non-conflict of interest, the language she covered was Finnish and the area she covered were the Aland Islands which are located in the Baltic Strait.

"PolitiFact" was created by the Tampa Bay Times newspaper in 2007; and in 2018 BOTH were acquired by the Poynter Institute - which is based in St. Petersburg FL. Along with E. W. Scripps, PolitiFact lists FACEBOOK as contributing more than 5% over they overall operating expenses. This means that Facebook is PAYING them for opinions that supports FB's own censorship. In 2020, a group called the "Democracy Fund" donated $75,000 to PolitiFact; another $5,000 was donated by the Bessie Rattner Foundation, a 501C3 located in Glendale, NY. The Rattner Foundation does not publish a mission statement. The bulk of PoltiFact's donations come from a group calling themselves "the Truth Squad"; in 2020 those amounted to over $91,000.

Now, back to the Poynter Institute: while they claim to be non-partisan, on their website they are clearly left-leaning; currently they are hustling tickets to an online Chuck Todd personal appearance scheduled for October 20th. In their copy promoting this event, they state it is "...a conversation connecting journalists with the citizens they serve with a healthy dialogue about truth, trust, journalism and American Democracy."

So, THESE are some of Fakebook's alleged fact-checkers... all bought and paid for and they all track back to the leftist puppeteers that direct the Poynter Institute, a media-driving Octopus with very long, mind-numbing tentacles.

Again, remember that THE leading global fact-checking organization is the Poynter-owned IFCN. In addition to the above-mentioned PolitiFact and Lead Stories, other IFCN signatories include SNOPES, THE WASHINGTON POST FACT CHECKERS, the AP and FACTCHECK.ORG, plus 23 others in the USA, Brazil, Bosnia, Georgia, Spain, France, the UK, Turkey, Argentina, Serbia, Portugal, Sweden and Italy... and when you take a look as several of those, they too are leftist-leaning.

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