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Message Subject Hunter's Tattoo is a Money Laundering Map
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
There’s some very good research, info with these two twitter accounts of the Bidnen’s and Finger Lakes.
The information that’s being exposed could lead to a huge mass finding of children being trafficked, money laundering, pedo rings, top political names and hollywood stars in NY state and up into Canada.

Clandestine Printing Press twitter link
[link to mobile.twitter.com (secure)]

[link to mobile.twitter.com (secure)]

Check out Tom Horn’s skywatch tv, Silent Cry Part 1. This video mentions of a satanic cult called the Finders, tied in with the gov. with child trafficking, pedo ring.
They also warn about the porn industry is connected to this sick evil crimes against children.
[link to ptlnetwork.com (secure)]
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