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your astrology chart is your role script

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10/27/2020 10:59 PM
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your astrology chart is your role script
learn astrology from reliable source not from religious or liberal sources
then look at your astrology chart with the eye of an expert in astrology
and calculate/think of what you see in a neutral way that seek the truth
not with positive self-deceptive way that make you see what you want to see and ignore the rest

if you find that your life is similar to what is written in your astrology chart
know that you could be an NPC playing scripted role in the video game of fate
or you are an actor playing a scripted role in the divine play of the cursed god

the free will of the cursed god is either superficial illusion or real but limited and manipulated by many forces that exploit your natural lack of information about the things they force you to choose from

like the elections nowadays, especially in fascist, totalitarian and religious-liberal(feminist/capitalist)countries like Egypt
they give you a freedom of choice to choose a candidate
but they limit your freedom and force you to choose a candidate only from the list of candidates/choices that they offer you
of-course all the candidates/choices that they offer you are working for them
then they exploit your natural lack of information and manipulate you and deceive you through the media and other things to make you choose the one that fit their plans more
well, a superficial freedom of choice could be better than no freedom at all!!

astrology chart is is supposed to be your life map, everything that is supposed to happen to you is supposed to be there

in my chart there are things that indicate sleep deprivation
i am deprived from complete and continues proper sleep for decades now
street animals, air signs people, young boys, Muslims and their mosques keep screaming, shouting, yelling and making loud disgusting noises around my apartment all day and night sometimes with loudspeakers

my chart says that i was born under the worst moon mansion because it is ruled by my enemy the planet Saturn the planet of misfortune, pain, illness, corruption and old age, it is the "hell in life" moon mansion
and my life was really hell filled with pain, illness, misfortune and corruption

while my enemies are born under good moon mansions that make their lives normal or a heaven

i once was walking beside a mosque and asked my self in my mind which god or entity is evil enough to create these unjust moon mansions
instantly, a Muslim in the mosque start screaming quran in the mosque loudspeakers
and from thousands of quran verses he chooses to scream a verse that say that Allah is the one who created the moon and it's mansions!
i said to Allah is there are anything that is evil, wrong and against me in the world and that is not created by you?

Last Edited by the king of the elements on 10/27/2020 11:05 PM
i am from Egypt
anyone who are not with me all along is against me all along
chill out, most of what i say in GLP is theories that is based on my current calculations to my current information, if my calculations and/or information was changed my theories will change
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 36728590
United States
10/27/2020 11:19 PM
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Re: your astrology chart is your role script
Jesus is the only way. I pray you find him and peace in your life.