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Warning Dream

Offer Upgrade

User ID: 47963520
United States
10/28/2020 01:22 AM
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Warning Dream
I just had a dream that rioters went complete 100% upturn wacko after the relection of Donald Trump. They started taking people hostage by arms demanding that he be removed. They were in convenience stores at night doing this. Im sorry if you think this is not worth posting but I do get warning dreams, and I have learned to pay attention to them. Please be careful out there...

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I spit lava
User ID: 72979295
United States
10/28/2020 01:31 AM
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Re: Warning Dream
And it ain't about chivalry

It's about dope lyrixs and delivery
It's about my persona ain't nothing like a man that can do what he wanna
Ain't nothing like man on that you knew on the corner
See 'em come up and fuck up the owner