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8chan is now used by el-Sisi cult to brainwash people to make them believe in liberal Islam

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11/02/2020 09:11 AM
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8chan is now used by el-Sisi cult to brainwash people to make them believe in liberal Islam
what i know about 8chan is that it originally was a site for the extreme right-wing
i am not sure if it was the real right-wing or if it the right-wing of the liberal movements

but 8chan is now used by el-Sisi cult and supporters to brainwash people to believe in their liberal/Islam mentality
that is the same as the Muslim-brotherhood mentality but mixed and covered with some liberalism(feminism/capitalism) and with a lot of deceptive bullshit
they mostly pretend to oppose el-Sisi and Islam, this is the most tricky and perfect cover for spreading el-Sisi's liberal/Islam

their way of thinking is criminal, orcish and gangster-like, it lack sound-logic, humanity, conscience or heart
they respect only strength
for example they may talk about killing their Conservative parents so they can get the inheritance and immigrate to a liberal country
their women usually torture their boys or throw them in the garbage after birthing them
they always talk about castrating males if they looked at women in the streets

they hide their Islamic thoughts behinds secular looking talk
fore example they may talk very negatively about drinking alcohol and about what liberals call "sexual harasment" because Islam prohibit them
but they do not speak in a religious way that will expose them

their mentality is like:

1-Islam is conservatism!
and the Muslim-brotherhood are not bad because they are Muslims, they are only bad because they are conservatives
while Islam and the Muslim-brotherhood is actually very different than conservatism and they can even oppose it
for example Islam do not criminalize that any female disobey the males in her family like conservatism do
Islam prohibit what feminism call "sexual harassment/assault" protect

2-Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi and Egypt are conservative!
not extreme liberal/feminist who give the Egyptian women the legal right to cuckold, imprison, kill, abort, torturer males and take away men's money, jobs and authorities, and even encourage them to do that, until most of the females now left their conservative life style in Al-Sisi era
and not extreme liberal/capitalist who despise the poor, refuse to make new jobs and treat non-capitalist unemployed people who are not able to find or create job for themselves as women and less than dogs

3-Egypt and Al-Sisi is bad, therefore they must immigrate from Egypt
but for them, Egypt and Al-Sisi are bad only because "they are now conservative"!!!
because they say that they believe that there was no conservatism ever in Egypt -or anywhere in the world- before the 80s when the west spread Islamism to fight Communism
and/or before Al-Sisi ruled Egypt!
to proof this bullshit, they usually use photos that Shows the rich districts of the cities of Egypt in the happy 50s, when the cities was still young and clean and when women there used to wear dresses that is not-Islamic or too conservative
but they ignore that women back then in these places was wearing feminine dresses not feminist man-looking clothes
and that Egypt was monarchy, socialist, poor, defeated and occupied

4-anyone who is not like them is ignorant peasant, terrorist Salafist, woman, idiot or dangerous mentally-ill
therefore they must treat him with fear, despise, mockery and sometimes violence, and try to take away his money by scamming or intimidation

Last Edited by the king of the elements on 11/02/2020 09:25 AM
i am from Egypt
anyone who are not with me all along is against me all along
chill out, most of what i say in GLP is theories that is based on my current calculations to my current information, if my calculations and/or information was changed my theories will change