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Subject DON'T get suckered into violence by news media shills
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
For some reason this was deleted on r/c...

It's plain as day how the media is using agitators to incite violence with patriots so they can edit it and smear right wing. BEWARE, this may happen to you, don't get suckered;

Here is ***News with with their paid agitator calling a black patriot a house n*gger with the ***News guy recording it. [link to www.youtube.com (secure)] start at the 39:00 mark, stop it at 39:40 to see the agitator is ********* and the guy with him is a ***News producer, both helped in the m****** of *********. Skip ahead to 48:30 to see ****** call the black patriot a race traitor while the ***News guy lurks in the background then at 49:00 we see the ***News producer lean in to the railing with his cell phone recording until about 53:00 they agitate enough that they get the confrontation they were trying to get. The ***News guy later changed his clothing to a bright blue shirt, short pants and knee pads when he assisted in the m****** of *****.
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