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War With Russia Is Now A Real Possibility..

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United Kingdom
11/05/2020 04:52 PM
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War With Russia Is Now A Real Possibility..
Dems are gunning for Putin, and Russia.They want their pound of flesh.

If they do get away with stealing this election.

Then i think Russia is going right to the very top of the to do list.

Already there is talk of sanctions from Hell.

Talk of a much bigger US military presence in Syria to counter Russia.

In China there will be a huge sigh of relief that their paid of Dem Bitches,pulled off this huge fraud.The Status Quo of Dems and China greasing each others Palms will return with a vengeance.The money will be rolling in again. Dollar Stores bursting at the seems with Chinese shit.

Russia though will be the target for all the Dems hatred.

Clinton is convinced Putin cost her the election.

The Dems believe Trump and Putin were in cahoots together.

Russia going to pay a heavy price.

China is not only going to get a stay of execution.It is getting a full reprieve.And walking free

Russia will be taking their place as target for the Dems and MIC.

And the Russians know it.

A Biden presidency for Russia,is as bad it gets.

The next 4 years going to be very long for Russia.

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