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Message Subject why would this happen:OUTRAGEOUS! Turncoat GOP elections board members resign in North Carolina After Siding with Democrats on “Fixing” Fl
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
They likely weren't Republicans to begin with, that’s why.

Do you have any idea how far the Demoncrats will go to subvert things?

I remember a story an old-timer from Orange County, CA told me years ago. Back in the early 60s, it was a Republican stronghold, but they always had “problems” during elections. Seems that, every election, there were always a couple of folks working for the campaigns, who had been registered as R’s for many years, that ended up monkey-wrenching things. Men would leave incendiaries in the main headquarters, women would enticed campaign managers into adulterous affairs and old ladies would open bottles of ink into boxes with campaign materials. Turns out they were all Demoncrat operatives under deep cover. He was amazed at how well they played their role.

It’s vital to understand that the Demoncrat party, the party of traitor Alexander Hamilton, slavery, the KKK and communism, has been the party of Satan for well over 150 years now. Steal, kill and destroy, just like their spiritual father.

Trouble is, most Republican are sheep. As such, they perceive a wolf to be just another sheep, albeit with fur instead of wool. What’s needed wholesale by the R’s is the discernment that comes from being a Christian, and allowing the Holy Spirit to guide one in all things. Instead, most are mock-Christians due to the snakes that infest the pulpits of our land.
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