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FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT -- The 2020 Election: Fuckery Is Afoot - PART 2 (11/9 UPDATE)

Doc SavageModerator
Senior Forum Moderator

11/09/2020 09:08 PM

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FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT -- The 2020 Election: Fuckery Is Afoot - PART 2 (11/9 UPDATE)

By Larry Correia
November 9, 2020

On the morning of November 5th I compiled a list of some of the suspicious things from the election that were red flags. [link to monsterhunternation.com (secure)] As I explained at the time, a flag isn’t proof of fraud or mistakes, it is something that appears anomalous which an auditor would drill down on further to check for fraud or mistakes (and like I said last time, when the errors go in different ways they suggest mistakes, but when all the errors go in the same direction it suggest malfeasance). A couple of the things I listed turned out to be nothing or the original reporting on them was incorrect. However, several others did turn out to be serious improprieties, and there’s been a ton of new flags since.

On Thursday morning I said that I thought there was fuckery afoot. My opinion has not changed. There are an extraordinary number of red flags, both street level witnessing of fraud and overall statistical anomalies in a few places with violate the basic laws of the universe levels of improbability. A friend of mine used to work at the US State Department and observed south and central American elections and he’s blown away by how goofy this is.

Before I get into the flag update, I want to talk about the big picture situation as I see it, because there’s reality and then there’s the narrative getting crammed down everyone’s throat. We’ve now reached the point where whenever you open your mouth you’re going to get jumped on by a bunch of Caring Liberals that you’re stupid, insane, and imagined the whole thing. How dare you suggest that there could possibly be any impropriety in this new voting system we just crammed into place this year for the first time. It is the Great National Gas Lighting. The chosen lefty narrative is that voter fraud never happens, and when it does happen, it’s insignificant and changes nothing, the totally unbiased news media and big tech have called it for Biden, and you’re just crying and irrational because you’re a stupid Trumpkin, so let the healing begin.

Don’t fall for it. These are the same people who barked Not My President Trump’s whole term, even though we’ve got more evidence of voter fraud in four days than they found of Russian collusion in four years. However lots of people will be cowed and go along with this even though they know its bullshit, because social pressure is incredibly powerful and bullies wield it like a club. Every post I’ve made on Facebook about this subject has drawn random strangers to show up and scream that I’m an ignorant sucker conspiracy theorist.

Most of their “fact checks” and “debunking” just boil down to excuses. Like I saw one for the Dominion vote fuckery that moved 6k votes from Trump to 6k votes for Biden in ONE county. And the fact check headline was FALSE. But when you actually read it, it says they weren’t “stolen” it was an “error”. (except nobody actually knows that yet) Or the dead people voting in Detroit headline being FALSE, but when you click on it, their excuse isn’t that these dead people voted, it’s that we’re supposed to trust that the system totally would have caught that and thrown them out. Except they didn’t catch it, regular people on the internet tracked those down. So when were they going to check this, after Biden’s inauguration?

A note on the dead people voting and regular people tracking it down because our professional news media is oddly incurious about all these flags. I watched this unfold live on Thursday night. People would post a file of names of 100 year olds in Michigan, and then other people would check the state website to see if they had turned in ballots. Whenever somebody found one they would post that name so that other people could confirm it for themselves. They found hundreds just while I watched. But at the same time Twitter kept actively banning the accounts of anyone who shared the file, because the fix is in. Trust the system, comrades. Big Tech knows what’s best for you.

Keep in mind that just because there is fuckery afoot, be careful because there’s loads of bad information floating around. Lots of people asked me about the supposed leaked DHS press release. My gut reaction when I saw it was suspicion (I’ve worked with too many federal agencies and that simply didn’t read like their stuff) so I called some friends who still work there and it sounded like wishful thinking to them too.

On the same note, people keep asking me about the possibility of electronic vote meddling but I’m not a programmer or a software guy, so I’m not going to pretend to be one on the internet. No idea on that stuff. I can tell you if the end product appears statistically wonky but I’ve got no idea on the electronic mechanism that got to that.

On the overall statistical oddities here is an excellent break down of why the numbers in these swing states make no sense: [link to redstate.com (secure)]

And the author of this piece told me that he is working on a follow up that goes into greater depth, breaking it down county by county, and he says it is nuts. EDIT: here is Wisconsin’s break down: [link to redstate.com (secure)] Wow. Those swings are insane.

From physicist and author Travis Shane Taylor – “In a sample space of 1 million marbles, 800,000 blue and 200,000 red the probability of drawing a blue marble is 80% the first time. To draw about 30 blue in a row is 0.124%. To draw 100 in a row is 0.0000000235%. To draw 250 in a row is more zeros to right of decimal point than stars in the universe!!!! To draw 138,000 blue marbles in a row is mathematically impossible within the age of the universe without human intent and interaction. In other words, cheating.”

Of course, when he wrote that it was before the 138k “typo” got retracted. So of course all the liberals who can’t balance their own checkbook immediately dismissed the whole thing… Problem is his math is almost as damning for 1k, 2k, 4k, 14k, or 23k marbles. You could even change it so that a bucket is 95% blue marbles, and the odds of you getting a thousand blue marbles in a row are functionally impossible. He used MathCad to calculate this. Excel doesn’t have enough zeros.

You’ve probably also seen a lot of mention of Benford’s Law over the last few days. Posts talking about it have been getting vanished off of Facebook (that I can confirm firsthand). [link to theothermccain.com (secure)]

Basically, when numbers are aggregated normally, they follow a distribution curve. When numbers are fabricated, they don’t. When human beings create what they think of as “random” numbers, they’re not. This is an auditing tool for things like looking for fabricated invoices. It also applies to elections. A normal election follows the expected curve. If you look at a 3rd world dictatorship’s election numbers, it looks like a spike or a saw.

There’s a bunch of different people out there running the numbers for themselves and posting the results so you can check their math. It appears that checking various places around the country Donald Trump’s votes follow the curve. The 3rd party candidates follow the curve. Down ballot races follow the curve. Hell, even Joe Biden’s votes follow the curve for MOST of the country. But then when you look at places like Pittsburgh the graph looks like something that would have made Hugo Chavez blush.

It’s amazing how all these extremely improbable statistical events just keep on happening, but only in the places where they make the most difference. Go figure. “It’s a miracle!” declared the Party of Science.

[link to monsterhunternation.com (secure)]

Last Edited by Doc Savage on 11/09/2020 11:07 PM
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 77686907
United States
11/09/2020 10:48 PM
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Re: FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT -- The 2020 Election: Fuckery Is Afoot - PART 2 (11/9 UPDATE)


User ID: 79524385
11/09/2020 11:19 PM
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Re: FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT -- The 2020 Election: Fuckery Is Afoot - PART 2 (11/9 UPDATE)
Imagine a group of people so disgusting they have to make laws preventing you from hating them

User ID: 76946759
United States
11/10/2020 12:57 AM
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Re: FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT -- The 2020 Election: Fuckery Is Afoot - PART 2 (11/9 UPDATE)
I Want To Believe

User ID: 79303582
11/10/2020 01:26 AM
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Re: FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT -- The 2020 Election: Fuckery Is Afoot - PART 2 (11/9 UPDATE)
I used to enjoy his fiction. I haven't thought of Larry in a long time. Seems like he's a decent dude.
Everything I've ever posted on GLP, or on the internet in general, is to be taken as role-playing for entertainment purposes. I've never divulged my true beliefs.
CK Dexter Haven

User ID: 78548840
11/10/2020 02:53 AM

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Re: FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT -- The 2020 Election: Fuckery Is Afoot - PART 2 (11/9 UPDATE)
When the Truth is Found to be Lies

User ID: 76694229
11/10/2020 04:34 AM

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Re: FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT -- The 2020 Election: Fuckery Is Afoot - PART 2 (11/9 UPDATE)