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Subject Trump Was The Reincarnation Of General Patton
Poster Handle Elfrino
Post Content

"Trump's previous life was General Patton, a four-star general in the United States Army, who had made great achievements in World War II. His slogan was "Fight for God" and he was a well-known hero who created the American legend. General Patton died in a car accident in 1945, and Trump was born in 1946 the following year.

The two strong iron-blooded styles and outspoken personality are exactly the same. Patton pursued simple and brave principles on the battlefield. In this regard, Trump is simply a copy of him.

After reincarnation, the memory will be erased, but the character will be inherited, and everything experienced will leave a mark in the mind. Two twin children were born in the same family and received the same education since childhood, but their personalities are often very different. Some are brave and decisive, some are cowardly and fearful. Why is this happening? It is caused by different experiences in his previous life.

God arranged for him to reincarnate as a brave and iron-blooded four-star general, and to save his life in World War II, he wanted him to continue to "fight for God" and to save America again in the last days."


[link to www.minrefer.com]
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