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Honest Question re: Election and Vote Tally Challenges

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United States
11/18/2020 09:25 AM
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Honest Question re: Election and Vote Tally Challenges
IF the Left is correct and their candidate won, why are they NOT challenging the count in any of the states that THEY lost?

Wouldn't they want to solidify their lead IN CASE they LOSE one of the "swing states" to a republican vote count challenge?

Why would they train ALL their firepower (including their Legacy Media and Social Media Bullhorn Platforms) on just the states that the Republicans are challenging instead of demanding recounts in at least some of the (many) states that they lost?

For example FL, IA, NC, OH, TX?
Maybe they KNOW that there is NO CHEATING to be found there EXCEPT on their side and obviously their cheating was insufficient in those states...

Just a thought