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11/22/2020 02:10 PM
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It’s not teotawki ... but if trump holds on and the Crimes and election fraud is shown To be overwhelming... it will not matter a civil war will break ... I will start small be the craziest of the crazy leftists... then escalate like the Balkan’s in 1990’s .... then 6he globalists will fear their evil fucking heads and come out of semi hiding and take the side of the leftists... becuase the enemy of my enemy is my friend and all ... then it will be those that believe deeply in the constitution and individual liberty verses sheep and their globalist puppeT masters ...

It will be bloody

Now if trump concedes then those right of center will grumble and move on as usual and just take it up the ass until all enslaved worldwide ... resistance will be labeled as terrorists hunted down and exterminated

That’s the only two things I see playing out at this point

I really realy hope I’m wrong

Would love to see our constitutional republic survive a little longer
 Quoting: The Patriot Mind

I think we're past the point of grumbling and mumbling and waiting for next time. I think people have truly had enough and Trump was the buffer. With him gone, it's over. No tolerance left.
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11/22/2020 02:20 PM
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The signs are everywhere