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The Principal-Agent-Problem

Archangel Michael

User ID: 78477657
United States
11/21/2020 05:38 PM
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The Principal-Agent-Problem

Republicans cry out that 62 million Trump Voters have been disenfranchised by the Impeachment.

Democrats cry out that 65 million Hillary Voters will be vindicated by the Impeachment.

So, in this 50-50 time, half of all Voting Residents are diminished because their Legislator represents the other Political Party.

Lets Drink Again.

Voters-Living-Being-Citizens as PRINCIPALS,
Elected an AGENT to represent their interests.

[link to en.wikipedia.org (secure)]

In a PURE Political PRINCIPAL-AGENT system,

NON-CITIZENS (NON-VOTERS) should not be allowed to influence the AGENTS. That means BUSINESSES are barred from the room.

One more Drink.

Our AGENTS have been CORRUPTED day one.

They could have legislated GOV financing of Elections, but they CON US by saying the only option available to the Nation is mounting an Ultra-Expensive Election that Must be financed by deep Corporate pockets. The Corporations SNEAK IN and replace us as AGENTS.

It doesn't matter if a Republican or Democrat is elected. They are BUSINESS AGENTS only.

More Discussions and a Solution, in the next post.

Archangel Michael