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Message Subject How many fake people, shill, bots and such on the internet?
Poster Handle Doctor Manhattan
Post Content
Fake people as in bots, ai pretty high but probably under 50%...

now in terms of people being ignorant in what they say, just repeating shit they hear without confirming ...my definition of fake people, mindless drones... 99%.
 Quoting: Doctor Manhattan

First sentence true, lower one I would drop down to about 88%.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 73848670

Well, the 99% comes from the Grand Deception that holds it all in place, politics [left and right, both illusions], tv, propaganda, manipulation of language, beliefs... all of it is concentrated on one single lie, the biggest one... but to the 99% of the population they will never break-thru this deception as it is the most enforced, repeated thru Hollywood, TV, Alphabet Agencies [if you lie, go BIG] thru your entire life from birth to grave... it is the singularity of the answer to the WHY of everything.
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