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Thanks to Trin and mods! A pox on lack of conviction!

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 79650098
United States
11/27/2020 04:49 PM
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Thanks to Trin and mods! A pox on lack of conviction!
As I watch "this whole thing" unfold - the stolen election, I see COWARDS - no not even like myself an anonymous coward - I DO have conviction...but, I see the cowardice of our court system.

Trin and the mods allow people like me to post. For at least Trinity, it is a potential hazard, depending upon what some dipshit may post. But, I would venture, in most cases it is relatively benign and safe.

In the case of our court system, at least in terms of the state "Supreme" courts, we have seen cowardice. The cowardice is manifest in that they are not even minimally curious to hear what evidence would be provided to show malfeasance in the voting system(s). Not even a hearing is allowed, but outright rejection of any hearing is "heralded." A pox on such lack of conviction! For the sake of justice and righteousness - hear the complaints! Alas, the United States Supreme Court will have to be the arbiter of these cases. I can already hear the libtards bellyaching - "the courts were slanted towards the right wing...if Coney Barret hadn't been there...blah, blah, blah." Liberal idiots - where should ANY justice be sought? Was it not up to the STATE supreme courts to have ANY say??? Should there NEVER have been any redress of grievances? Was it not the liberals who, by lack of conviction, refused to hear the grievances of the populace? Would not the state supreme courts have been a sounding gate for such accusations?

Nay, libtards, you have but yourselves to blame for the coming rulings by the SCOTUS. You shirked responsibility to righteousness and goodness and depended upon the lack of ability of the states to adequately deal with voting evil...now bear the brunt of your evil!