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Subject Fox News: PA Poll Watcher Says 47 USB Cards With Updated Vote Tally Are Missing
Poster Handle rustyweiss74
Post Content
A U.S. Navy veteran, data scientist, and PA poll watcher alleged this week that 47 USB cards used during the state’s election have gone missing. He believes that as many as 120,000 votes cast in the election should be called into question.

[link to menrec.com (secure)]

Griff: "Meanwhile the president wants a legal battle in Pennsylvania. A poll watcher and U.S. Navy veteran from Delaware County PA gave testimony at a hearing Wednesday in Gettysburg that he witnessed irregularities and fraud firsthand."

"47 USB cards are missing. And they are nowhere to be found. Those cards, I demanded that the — they didn’t update the vote live time. They only updated it about once every two or three hours. I demanded that they update the vote so I could see what the — what the result was. And it was 50,000 votes."

Griff: "Unclear exactly what or if the Trump team will file next in regards to these allegations."
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