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Subject Has anyone seen ONE NyQuil, DayQuil or Theraflu commercial in 2020? Katherine Albrecht on agenda potentials w/ Big Tech- voting/forced vax
Poster Handle Bad Pattern
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Have you?
I haven't seen a single cold/flu medication commercial this 2020 “season” so far..not one...

Tuesday - January 31 2012
George Noory

8:25 marker for those in a rush. peace

She warned folks about RFID eons ago and founded start page ...
But I didn’t realize Kathryn Albrecht has been essentially scrubbed off the internet....I liked her demeanor and information.... there’s still a few (handful) of videos out there, such as this 11 min video from 2013 (7 years and less than 2k views!?) where she’s discussing potential political agendas and mentions Chavez vote and also a viral outbreak and breaks down g analytics a bit.... all of her long interviews and podcasts are gone....again, 8:25 mark if you don’t want to hear the whole thing.
Take care all.

I didn’t realize her warnings predated Edward snowed-IN’s....


Thread: HMM LAST NIGHTS SHOW ON C2C-LISTEN HERE FREE-INTERESTING-Katherine Albrecht, consumer privacy expert SAYS-Google is using our personal informatio

From Coast dos Coast: less than fifty rule:

Tuesday - January 31 2012

[link to www.coasttocoastam.com (secure)]

Katherine Albrecht, consumer privacy expert, and VP of startpage.com, shared her contention that Google is using our personal information to create a centralized database that intrudes on users' privacy. She also discussed the strategy and treatments she employed in her battle against breast cancer this last year. Of particular concern about Google, she said, is their plan set to begin on March 1st, in which their privacy policies across their product line (including YouTube and Gmail) will be merged into a single account for users. If you're signed into Google, they may suggest search results based on your interests in Gmail, Google +, and YouTube. For instance, the data they collect from Gmail, in which emails are scanned for keywords, may be used to give you specific results when you open up YouTube, she explained.

My how far and fast we’ve come since 2012:

They also have a proposal to offer reminders via Android mobile devices based on your personal calendar, live traffic, and route, that you may be running late for an appointment. While some see services such as this as a convenience, Albrecht cited the intrusion on people's privacy. Additionally, the Google Voice service keeps track of who calls one of its users, and enters this information into its database, she noted, adding that government may one day force Google to hand over their data.
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