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It seems the deep state are playing their end game!

Always Looking

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United States
11/29/2020 08:35 PM

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It seems the deep state are playing their end game!
The election was blatant in your face fraud, They do not care.

The judges throwing out cases with merit, they do not care.

The wiping of voting machines, the late night election ballot dumps just enough for the margin of victory to be stolen away, they do not care.

The game plan they laid out since June regarding mail in ballots and not knowing the results for days after the election. Played out EXACTLY as they told you! They do not care.

Hillary lost because they underestimated the amount of people actually voting for Trump, This year their were ready but were still overwhelmed by the number of Trump voters, so much so they had to shut down the count and do ballot dumps and still they do not care.

Well if we do not care then why should they????????
Truth and Facts - The two words liberals hate most!

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