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Non-American strategists see that Trump is a master tactician

just sayin
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12/01/2020 11:35 PM
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Non-American strategists see that Trump is a master tactician
I'm a researcher, publisher, events organizer and have watched and monitored key elections for decades.

Looking at what Trump has achieved on the international scene during his four years in office - one has to conclude that the guy is a master strategist.

I do not expect many on this forum to comprehend the sheer enormity of what Trump acheived in the middle east; North Korea or more importantly, the CCP and China - simply because you were never told about it.

You need to see what is going on for what it is.

The elite establishment have run the show for decades, and they did not expect Trump to prevail in 2016.

They figured to rectify it with coordinated tactics in 2020.

This has caused ALL the participants in election fraud to be exposed for who they are.

It is TOTALLY clear that Trump HAS planned for exactly this to play out.

Right now, he is positioning himself so that he does not have to invoke emergency powers and purge and imprison people. He is following due process, and giving rope to his enemies.

Trump has secured many levels of evidence, but has not revealed any of it to the public.

The Barr dance today was another tactic.

There is ALWAYS method to Trump's 'madness'.

Watch Trump carefully and do not relent on speaking up if you have personal knowledge of election fraud.

The best way out of your mess, is NO civil war.

To achieve that, Trump will correctly link the US election fraud to the CCP, most likely as an act of war. This will cause the pubic to rally together and forget petty differences.

Be vocal, Be active - act like you DESERVE your fucking freedom.

Where America goes, so does the rest of the western world.