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Message Subject United Nations Foundation, started by CNN-founder Ted Turner.
Poster Handle GA Girl
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The UN has very wide tentacles. I have an aunt who married into a wealthy family & her father-in-law gave millions (back when millions were worth something) to start the UN. He owned a large engineering firm and over the years has had all sorts of govt contracts. I grew up hearing all about the UN via aunt's many UN trips & charity/foundation tadoos. They started a charitable foundation, which sounds innocent enough, but it partners w/the UN, and are involved in the climate issue. However, the odd thing is that there is very little out there connecting them to the UN (I mean, you really have to search to find it, and you probably wouldn't know where to look unless you had prior knowledge, like I have). They published a couple of political rags as well & a radio show, gave money to universities & have buildings named after them and all. The point I'm making is that the Globalists are masters at using foundations, shell companies, etc. to make their connections to big business and individuals difficult to find and understand. Unless you are in tight, you probably wouldn't even know.
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